4eme2 and 4eme3 have been studying different British monarchs this term, in order to determine if the monarchy was strong before the English Civil War. We have debated, created newspapers and even made sweet timelines. Here is some of 4eme’s work, now on display outside the Anglophone Office.

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Dizzy with Dahl!

This year we kicked off  in two 6eme by celebrating Roald Dahl Day. In true Dahl style, we experimented with sweets and we also watched the footage produced by The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre for the special day. Both classes have been reading Dahl’s fantastic biography, Boy,  and producing our own biographies and autobiographies, which we hope to show you soon!

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4e4 Poetry Performances

We took inspiration from the Collège playground and the students wrote poems, using a variety of features. Can you spot whose is displayed in its original form?

Setting off on a Voyage of Discovery

5eme have been looking at why people in the Middle Ages did not make long journeys of discovery and one man who inspired them to set off, Marco Polo. We looked at a range of historical sources, listened to an informative song and then wrote letters as though we were heading out to see the world.

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