6eme’s Perfect Poetry

Last term, 6eme wrote some beautiful poetry based on candles, after watching them in class. Here are some of them for you to enjoy.


As I entered the shadowy room,

Darkness slowly blight-folded me like an aggressive harsh hand covering my eyes.

Creeping on to me, the dark flooded the chamber,

making me choke and gasp for air.

Suddenly, flickering and glistening,

Like a shooting star falling to earth,

It brought life to the room.

Dancing it crawled out from the cradle of darkness, as if to illuminate the whole world.

Pulling itself out of an eternal sleep, the candle’s light flooded into the bare and hollow space.

The flame was alive, revealing itself.

Opening its warm heart and letting hope burst out invading the dampness of the thickening night.

The curling, wailing wind was slowly overwhelmed by the mighty blaze,

That resisted its powerful gusts.

The candle’s golden eye started to smile, growing stronger and stronger, emerging out of its long sleep.

Shining bright, its light was as bright as the mid-day sun.