The First Student Blog: First Day

Today, Dora came and wrote a our very first student blog post. If you want to contribute to the blog too, the library  will be open every first Wednesday of the month  at 12:30. You could blog about a sporting event, something that has captured your attention in the news or a photograph of our beautiful town. Or you could write about your first day and your time at college, just like Dora did.

In 2016, I came to the International School. My older sister was already here, in the Anglophone Section, and she said that it was good. While I was still in primary,  my mum was looking for a college for me and decided that the Anglophone Section would be the best place for me too. It would allow me improve my English and I knew that the language would be important for me in the future for work.

I had to go to the Anglophone Office to take an English and a French test. The English was ok, but the French was really hard. I thought that I had done so badly that I might not get in but I received a letter that told me … I had passed!

On the first day, I was nervous because I didn’t know if I would find new friends, as no one from my old school was here. Also, I was stressed because I didn’t know my class or my teacher. But I soon made lots of friends inside and outside my class. They also showed me the whole college and explained everything to me. Straight away I started to like the school.

I enjoy the Anglophone section, as I like learning English and we learn different things, but I also like SVT and History in French. Sometimes it’s a little hard but that’s ok.

Written by Dora