Reading Bingo n°1

The Anglophone Section would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Lara in 3ème for being the very first student to complete this year’s Anglophone Reading Bingo.

She has read 16 books in English since November, one from each of the categories on the bingo sheet, and on reading her reviews, it is clear that she has enjoyed some, mentioning “brilliant and cunning characters” and astutely described another as being “rather childish and predictable”. Not only is Lara an avid reader, but also a thoughtful critic!

Please let this young bookworm be an inspiration to your children this Easter. Whilst munching on chocolate eggs, be sure to get them reading and enjoying the wonderful world of literature as much as Lara! Reading a good book is like going on a journey in time and space, opening up new worlds and ideas. And, it improves language skills!

Happy Reading!