Announcing: a new reading challenge!

This year’s challenge is to travel around the world… in books! The advantage: a carbon footprint of zero and hundreds of hours of reading pleasure.


How to participate?

  1. Choose a book written by someone from a different country, and / or that is set in one or more different countries.
  2. Each time you complete a book, fill out a Book Ticket (find them on the back of the
    library door), detailing something interesting that you found out about the country
    (only one country per book), alongside the name of the book and the author.
  3. Hand in your Book Ticket to Miss Rios, who will stamp your Book Passport.
  4. Once you have five stamps in your Book Passport, you will receive a small prize.
  5. Eighteen passport stamps will show you have completed the journey around the
    world and you will be presented with a certificate and prize by Mr Corrigan.

Happy travelling!