We’re going to conquer the Classics!

What makes a book a classic?

A classic book is one that outlasts time….
…no matter when it was written, it will still have relevance today.
It will often teach us how to be better human beings, using language that is beautiful, effective and distinctive.

Can you conquer the classics?

The Anglophone Section will give a prize to Collège students who read three classics during this academic year (before the summer holidays 2021). And if you read ten, there is a grand prize!

And if prizes don’t tempt you, there’s more…

  • You’ll increase your vocabulary and become a better writer.
  • Literary references won’t go straight over your head.
  • Classics help you to understand history and culture in context.
  • The classics challenge the brain… and make it grow.

How to be a Classic Conqueror

Read a classic! There is a list on the Anglophone Library door. But if you have another book in mind, check with an English teacher, who will help you decide whether it is a good choice.
After reading, fill in a quick book review sheet (available in the library).
Place your review in the Conquer the Classics Corner in the library.
Read another and repeat.

Get rid of that pride and prejudice which you have for the classics and pick one up today!