About Us

Who are we?

Hello, welcome to the Anglophone Section blog of College International in Fontainebleau, France ! For those who are not familiar with the French system, college is the equivalent of middle school and our age groups are 6ème to 3éme (6th to 9th grade).The town the school resides in is located to the South of Paris and is filled with many exciting topics to blog about. You might already have guessed from our name that we are a group of students from all over the world who speak English.

Why did we create a blog?

This blog all started as part of a school project, a place for us to communicate with you, share our work and events, perhaps make you feel part of our community. This blog will be used for multiple things, suggested by none other than the Anglophone students of our school. There’s a wide selection of subjects and content for you to browse and enjoy, so take your time. We’ll be writing about everything from sport to comedy to school news (for those parents out there, of course).

Why should you read our blog?

It’s a blog made by the students for you. If you read our blog, it could inform you about school outings, how the students are doing and what they are studying. Also, if you are interested, you can read about things that are happening around the world. It will be easier than reading the news! It’s great for students who aspire to become writers/authors to greatly improve their writing skills by writing and submitting stories and or/ articles for everyone to admire! And if you are a parent, you can find out about what your child has been doing and how well they have been doing!

How can you contribute?

Would you like to see your work on the blog ? Would you like to show your work to your family and your friends? Imagine seeing your own work published on this blog! You can share your hobbies and talk about the news…We need your help. You can contact us with your blog posts through collegeblog@outlook.fr.

You could include your contribution later in your CV or when you apply to university! It’s fun and doesn’t require a lot of time. It’s also a great way to show your work to your parents and your family or to show your school to friends that are in other countries or cities!

Thanks for reading,  the 4eme2s.